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JACKBACK is CAHMA's magazine. It is full of articles and stories from, and about, drug users. But it's not just stories... JackBack has harm reduction information, pictures, poetry, news items and much more.

Unfortunately, we are not currently funded to publish a magazine; If you are interested in working on this as a volunteer, come in and talk to us -this is probably the only way we would be able to continue this service at the current time.

Maybe you'd like to contribute? CAHMA is always on the look out for more content for JackBack. If you have any stories which you've written, or if you're interested in just writing about something that gets your goat... bring it to us! ...we will pay for everything which we publish, and what we want is stuff that's written by users (or stuff that's drawn, if that's your thing).

Jackback was originally funded to be printed quarterly (back in 2002) but is now only issued annually. There were some great issues put out back then, but unfortunately many of them, and most of their electronic originals, have now been lost. CAHMA is curently collecting together as many past issues of Jackback as we can find. As we find them, we'll make them available here online (if we have them in electronic format). We do have many more past issues in printed format and will scan these and link to them here when we can. In the meantime you can download copies of the PDF's we do have. Some of them are better than others... they are all PDF's now, but weren't originally, so some of them have converted better than others. We can sometimes provide you with better quality copies if you contact us and ask, and may have printed copies of some recent issues in stock. Anyway, the articles are still all readable and most of the artwork is good enough. Check them out, see what you think, and maybe put together a contribution of your own (yes, we'll pay you if it's published!).

Back issues:

JackBack, spring 2003.

JackBack, summer 2003.

JackBack, winter 2003.

JackBack, winter/spring 2004.

JackBack, Autumn 2005.

JackBack, 2010.

JackBack, 2011.

JackBack, 2012.

JackBack, 2013.