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The Pharmacotherapy Advocacy & Action Team (PHAAT) is a group that represents the interests of methadone and buprenorphine consumers in the ACT. Although PHAAT meetings are regularly hosted by CAHMA, PHAAT is an independant group which is not 'run' by CAHMA or by any other organisation.


PHAAT has not met for some time. We are currently attempting to restart the PHAAT meetings. If you are interested, come in and talk to us, or give us a call.


PHAAT aims to:


The Pharmacotherapy Advocacy Advocacy & Action Team (PHAAT) has achieved some significant advances in its’ short history:

Some history...

Formed in October 2008, the Pharmacotherapy Advocacy & Action Team came into being after an information session was organised for Methadone and Buprenorphine consumers here in the ACT. PHAAT was born!!

Since this beginning, PHAAT has been meeting on a monthly basis, on the last Thursday of every month, to discuss issues of relevance and interest to consumers. The philosophy of PHAAT is that ANYONE participating in an opioid substitution treatment program has the right to have a say in all aspects of that program. This includes having consumer representation on the committee that oversees the program (OTAC -Opioid Treatment Advisory Committee), which provides a mechanism for advocating for consumers who may be experiencing problems with their GP or Community Pharmacist. PHAAT also acts as a mentoring system for young or inexperienced consumers.

PHAAT has participated in a number of information workshops and training sessions to educate consumers about their health and their rights, including a workshop hosted by the manufacturer of buprenorphine.

PHAAT continues to grow and extend its reach and access to pharmacotherapy consumers. The future looks bright as consumers take up their seat at the table and contribute to improving the quality and choice of service delivery. If you do not fight for your rights they can be lost!!