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CAHMA Services Peer Based Representation


Canberra Alliance for Harm Minimisation and Advocacy


CAHMA is a specialist drug treatment service funded by ACT Health and the Capital Health Network.

Now located in Belconnen, CAHMA

has moved to the Belconnen Churches Centre .

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Our new office is now open, but if you can't find us you can ring us for assistance.

Just give us a call on (02) 62 533 643.

(Directions to our new location are available on the 'Moving' page.).

We have a very relaxed and comfortable setup and would love to see more of our old clients, as well as any new ones.

CAHMA's website is currently under Re-Construction.

We apologise if this causes any undue difficulty or inconvenience.

Please call us on 62 533 643 if you need something you cannot find here.

Here's a few snapshots of our Belconnen Churches Center office

We are a unique service within the ACT, and operate on a peer based, person centred philosophy, which means we encourage and support people to speak on their own behalf and to participate directly in improving their lives.

CAHMA exists to promote the health and human rights of people who use, or have used, illicit drugs. We believe that people who use drugs should be treated with dignity and respect, both as human beings and as consumers of health and social services. CAHMA works to reduce the discrimination and stigma experienced by drug users. We also try to instill a sense of worth and pride in people who use ilicit drugs.

Self-stigmatisation is a means by which people who use drugs are constantly kept in a state of self imposed alienation from broader society; this is something which CAHMA is continually attempting to address through education and community development initiatives designed to create a sense of community inclusiveness and integration.


CAHMA operates from our premises in Belconnen (first floor of the Belconnen Churches Centre). Although we are generally staffed from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (mon to fri), our drop in hours are between 10 a.m and 4 p.m. (mon to fri). If you need to see a CAHMA staff member outside those hours, you will often need to make an appointment to do so. This can be done in person, or by calling us on 62 533 643. Alternatively, further contact details are available on the 'Contact Us' page of this web-site.


As a peer based group we have a first-hand knowledge and understanding of the issues encountered by people who use illicit (and other) drugs. Under the 'CAHMA Services' tab above, you can read about some of the activities we do to make the most of this understanding in our efforts to make the lives of drug users safer, healthier and happier. We do this through providing peer support, education, representation and advocacy. We promote improved health for drug users and, through the provision of education and information, seek to reduce harms associated with illicit, injecting and other drug use. By representing drug users on decision making committees, we provide a drug user perspective and voice in the development of policies and programs that impact on the lives and health of illicit drug users.

CAHMA runs peer education workshops that provide accurate and relevant information with the aim of reducing risky behaviours and drug related harms. Through education, we aim to empower illicit drug users to take control over their health and enable people to make informed, positive lifestyle choices. Education workshops are run regularly and are advertised through needle and syringe programs, chemists and other drug and alcohol services. Topics for workshops include: blood borne viruses; sexual health; overdose prevention; safer injecting; drug treatments; mental health and co-morbidity (co-occuring conditions).

CAHMA provides information on Alcohol and Other Drug Services, as well as various other government and community services. We can assist in accessing the most relevant service for your needs, can provide referral to any service you may require and will advocate for you where necessary.

Some History

CAHMA was established late in the year 2000, after the closure of Canberra's previous peer-based drug user group, CIN (Canberra Injectors Network). CAHMA is, in fact, the third incarnation of this service, which originally started up in the early 1980's as a response to the then emerging HIV/AIDS epidemic. Called ACTIV (the ACT IV Drug Users League), Canberra's first peer based service operated for over fifteen years (under the auspices of DRIC -the Drug Referral and Information Centre) before it's demise in 1998, when CIN was established.